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Leisure Swim

What is Leisure Swim?

Leisure Swim is a free program that is open to the public offered at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre. Leisure Swim has both a shallow and deep end to the pool for a wide range of skill levels (Both shallow and...

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What are the times for Leisure Swim?

Leisure Swim is currently offered Tuesday - Sunday. The times can be found here under the Leisure Swim, Leisure Swim (Female Only) and Leisure Swim (Shallow Only). You can also use the attached drop-in document...

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How much does Leisure Swim cost?

Leisure Swim is a FREE program at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre. Anyone can attend Leisure Swim for no charge. Find the current Leisure Swim schedule here!

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Who can attend Leisure Swim?

People of any age can attend Leisure Swim! The following guidelines are used for the specific age groups: Ages 0 - 5 Need a pink wristband from the front desk and MUST be accompanied by a Caregiver (14+) who w...

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How early should I show up for Leisure Swim?

Leisure Swim is a popular program and we do, at times, reach our maximum capacity. To give yourself the best chance to enter Leisure Swim we recommend arriving 30 minutes before the start of the program to rece...

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