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Who should I contact for party/birthday rental information?

Tamara Hinic (Supervisor, Events and Special Projects) takes care of all of our birthday party rentals! You can find all our information at http://www.tpasc.ca/birthdays-parties or email party@tpasc.ca. You c...

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Who should I contact for special events involving aquatics or pool rentals?

You can contact Carley Oag (Aquatics Event and Rental Supervisor) or Kelsie Wagner (Supervisor, Events and Special Projects) for any specific Aquatic or Pool Rental. Please note that space is very limited. You ...

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Who should I contact to inquire about renting gym space?

If you are looking to rent some gym space you can contact Andrew Carpino, Field House Coordinator, who would be happy to help! Please note that space is limited within the Field House and we cannot guarantee sp...

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Who should I contact about running an event at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre?

If you are interested in hosting an event at the facility you can contact Kelsie below or complete our online form and we will be in touch and let you know what we can do for you! Kelsie Wagner Supervisor, Eve...

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Can I rent the Dive tower?

Currently the dive tower is not available to rent but we do have time for a new Leisure Dive program! We currently do not have anything scheduled but when we do you can find it here. Leisure Dive is recreationa...

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