Membership Question

Am I allowed to bring a person with me to a UTSC (or membership only) activity if I own a membership? Like for example the drop in table tennis/batminton UTSC program.

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Monthly Memberships

Am i able to just purchase monthly memberships for 2-3 months rather than being forced to pay monthly for 12 months?

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Studio Booking

Is it possible to book one of the studio rooms for private use???

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Hello! If your a student at attics, are Zumba classes free to you of charge as well? Thanks!

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Do alumni get any discounts for memebership or anything else?

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Membership Fees

Hello I cannot find the cost for membership fees? What is the cost for one adult? Is there a discount for Centennial College Instructors and staff? Thanks Don

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Equipment available at TPASC for Fitness centre

I am a student back in the city for summer vacation, and I am interested in Joining TPASC. I would like to know what equipments are offered for members to use in the fitness centre. Is there a link that has thi...

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lost card

I lost my card can I get a new one

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UTSC students not registered for summer

Can UTSC student who are not registered for summer school still use the facility during the summer?

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Membership Renewal

I would like to renew my membership.

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