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UTSC basketball hours and allowances

Tim J — Mar 14, 2017 05:06PM EDT

When TPASC first opened, basketball hours were great. We had them consistently, and when there was nothing else going on, the staff was kind enough to bring the nets down. However, for the past year or so, the schedule has been highly inconvenient for UofT students. Drop in hours are set only during early mornings or closing hours, and are close to non-existent during the weekends.This would be understandable if basketball wasn't a popular activity, but basketball is the most popular drop-in activity at TPASC. I've been told that the city has an agreement with UofT to have allotted hours for certain activities per week, and that's fine and fair, but the hours of those activities significantly put preference on other programs. UofT students have classes both in the morning and late at night, and most of our population are commuters from various parts of the GTA. Having very early or very late hours makes the gym inaccessible to those people. I understand that the people that attend other programs also have tight schedules that are being accommodated, but I'm not asking for every day of the week, just some equality. This is also odd because UofT drop-in basketball did have those hours prior to this school year, so unless the contract agreement about allocated times with programs has changed, this means the most popular drop-in event has been devalued.
Furthermore, when UofT does have hours, our gym time closes 15 minutes before the end of the hour, a pattern I haven't seen with city folk, who go to full duration (nets are not brought up before their program ends). A pattern that's not seen with volleyball, or badminton, etc, whom we have to wait for while they bring the nets down. That's a whole 30 minutes lost. And do we really need 15 minutes to bring some basketball nets up? Especially when whatever event is next doesn't set up until the hour ends regardless/doesn't need set up? The process takes maybe 1 minute max to walk over from the desk, into the room, and turn the key to bring the nets up. Maybe another 5 minutes or so for people to clear out should be enough. The worst part of all of this is that people from the city program spill into UofT scheduled drop-ins, giving us even less space than the usual 1 court. It seems like the staff does clear out non-UofT members when the courts get extremely full, but there are still times when UofT students are waiting for a turn while city people play, some of which aren't even in the same age group. This again would be fine if the inverse was true, but for UofT students to attend city programs, we have to get a wristband which can involve paying. However, city drop-ins don't pay for using the courts during UofT time. Even worse, the staff members have been known to let their friends in at UofT times for free. All of these issues could be resolved by simply ensuring that only UofT students/paid members get access to UofT drop-in, and nobody else. Otherwise, we should at least have the same allowances for drop-in programs, such as playing there without having to pay for a wristband if the courts only have a few people.
I'd like to mention that we are paying for this gym as well, and that the lack of accessibility means that students have taken gym memberships elsewhere.

All in all, I do understand that the staff at the downstairs desk are just doing their jobs as they've been told, and they are great at it and very approachable etc. My question is: why has the management done this to their most popular drop-in activity, and will they do anything to treat everyone equally? My solution is to offer a more equal distribution of "prime/midday" hours for programs, and to treat everyone equally in terms of prep time/setting up/who is allowed to participate in what. Alternatively, if the allotted times for city program and uoft programs are fulfilled with extra space, a voting system on extra, empty spots and what program to hold during that time would be a solution.

5 Community Answers

J Butler - Mar 14, 2017 at 05:09PM EDT

I completely agree. It's a shame were being robbed like this.

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Eric - Mar 14, 2017 at 05:18PM EDT

This post sums up exactly what UofT students go through when we want to play drop-in basketball. Hours have DRASTICALLY decreased and it gets harder and harder for us to organize times to go.

I really hope management takes serious consideration into this matter. Although it is a shared facility, which I have no problem of, it is highly skewed towards the community when it comes to court facilities and basketball offerings. The fact that courts get overly crowded and City of Toronto folk spill into UofT timings is sufficient proof that there must be a change.

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Nick Cheng - Mar 15, 2017 at 03:19PM EDT

Unfortunately, drop in basketball for UTSC students has progressively gotten worse and worse. There are hardly any allocated times for UTSC students to begin with to play basketball, and in the rare occasion where there is a time offered during the afternoon (when students are actually able to play), there are ALWAYS non UTSC students crowding the basketball courts. What irks me even more is the apathetic attitude the management has towards this glaring issue. I expect a lot more out of TPASC.

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Mike - Mar 15, 2017 at 04:43PM EDT

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Agent

Good Afternoon All,

Thanks for posting your concerns with respect to UTSC Basketball Hours. We have reached out to Tim directly to provide him a direct contact to address his concerns. We have also forwarded his concerns, along with everyone else’s, to the UTSC Athletic Department who would be best equipped to respond. The allocation of time and programming for UTSC students comes directly from the University and not from TPASC. If you would like additional information or specific contact information you can reach out to the TPASC Manager, Customer Service Operations, Mike Sheridan at msheridan@tpasc.ca.

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Salima Shivji-Printer - Aug 01, 2017 at 12:35PM EDT

anser pls asap

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