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UTSC Basketball Hours

Jeff B — Sep 06, 2017 05:21PM EDT

When will the basketball hours be returned to normal for UTSC Drop-in basketball? There was a question posted back on Mar.14/17 that was similar and no change has been made since then. Currently, UTSC basketball drop-in hours are either very early in the morning (6am-10am) or late at night (10pm-onwards) which makes it difficult for students with classes in the morning/evening to play during those times. What happened to the 1pm-3pm or 2pm-6pm drop-in times? Badminton and volleyball are now slotted in those times which does not make sense as they are not as popular as basketball. There are times when the courts for volleyball are empty, whereas basketball is regularly full. Also, there is All-Access basketball hours which require wristbands, which is an extra unnecessary cost for UTSC students and often prevents them from playing during those hours, leaving the few hours alotted for UTSC drop-in basketball as our only options. When will management re-institute regular hours for drop-in basketball for UTSC students?

1 Community Answers

Ron - Sep 08, 2017 at 03:45PM EDT

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately the gym schedule for the month of September is going to be impacted with the maintenance of 2 courts and the Invictus games to be held at TPASC from September 22nd - 29th. We understand your concerns and will work towards scheduling more UTSC drop-in basketball time when we get to a more consistent schedule in October. FYI - all-access basketball drop-in does not require any fee for UTSC students- you just need to get a wristband for the allotted time. In October, the Department of Athletics & Recreation will also monitor high volume drop-in times in the gym to ensure ONLY UTSC students are playing on court. Moving forward, please direct all your concerns to the athletics@utsc.utoronto.ca email and we will have one of our full-time staff respond to your inquiry.

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