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Passing observation...

Maurice Turner — Dec 31, 2018 08:25PM EST

To whom it may concern,
As an electric vehicle driver, I commend the Center for its forward thinking in regards to installing changing stations. However, I have come to notice on
several occasions that, many of the electric parking spaces are taken by non electric vehicles. It would be appreciated for those of us whom drive electric vehicles that, those spaces be enforced, if at all possible.
Thank you, as always it’s a pleasure to use your facility.

2 Community Answers

Mike - Jan 02, 2019 at 10:33AM EST

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Agent

Hi Maurice,

Thanks for reaching out to us about our charging stations. There is no penalty for a gas powered vehicle to park in an EV parking space, it is not against the law. EV charging stations are similar to what we see at some shopping malls for “Expecting mothers”, or what we have in our south parking lot “Carpool Parking”. It is not against the law to park in these spots, it’s just not very nice if there is other parking available to you.

When we first installed we had very little signage and a lot of spots were ICE’d. Once we installed our signage, we have seen this change dramatically. It is very intentional that the spots are clearly marked, but DO NOT SAY: Electric Vehicles only. The parking spots in all of our lots are first come first serve. When a lot is full, even if you have a membership at the facility, you are not entitled to park in the parking lot.

With all that said, we are still working to have their optimal use and I really do thank you for your message. Please feel free to continue to share with us what you witness because we are always looking to improve.

Thanks again!


Manager, Customer Service Operations

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LeRoy - Apr 15, 2019 at 12:45PM EDT

Hi Mike:
Truly appreciate your answer (please excuse the "-1" rating. I clicked it in error. :) ).

I too have wondered about this. At the Pan Am I've on two occasions been berated or belittled by drivers of ICE vehicles for parking at a charging station AND being plugged in. The latest was yesterday when the driver of a BMW SUV told me that my vehicle was a toy taking up the space that should be reserved for "real vehicles" like his. I ignored him and continued to my car, as I was headed home.

Referring to your response to Maurice, I've come across what appears to be Toronto Municipal By-Laws which refers to an offense when non-electric (ICE) vehicles AND electric vehicles (EV's) not plugged in are parked in designated EV charging stations with clear signage. Please refer to Chapters 9.03; 9.10 and 9.50.

I see the Pan Am as being "family friendly" and I would not want to see any vehicle ticketed or towed. I've mentioned the By-laws simply to let you know they exist and, hopefully to encourage you to seek a more committed solution to EV parking occupied by ICE vehicles when often there are numerous vacant non-charging spots available in the both of Pan Am's lots.


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